30 Cool and Awesome Inventions You Should Know About

Inventions, mostly, change the world once and for all by filling up gaps between our expectations and the available products. Since time unclocked, curiosity-driven and purposeful humans have invented many objects that have not merely helped the humankind at that moment but also inspired several other inventions, and the trend has been ever-growing.

At present, the world witnesses an incredible number of new inventions every day. United Nations’World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) notes that 1.4 million patents were granted in 2017 and pragmatically, how many inventors either awaiting a license or having omitted the procedure altogether is anticipated to be much larger. Our brains could warm up and blow apart if we have to have a look at many of these awesome inventions, so we have handpicked 30 cool tech inventions of today’s that might intrigue you, and could even make you want to jump from your seat and try them out.

While our list mostly comprises incredible inventions in the field of technology, we’ve made sure the file is free from any personal bias. The list covers the majority of possible niches through which sprouting new technologies have now been gaining attention and affecting our lives.

Awesome Inventions Worth Noting in 2019


1. OrCam Myne – AI for Humans

OrCam Myne aims to help you strike a balance between physical and digital social lives. The tiny gadget sits on your collar or pocket by having an inbuilt smart camera with facial recognition, so you do not forget a coworker’s or acquaintance’s name again. MyMe allows you to keep an account of times spent socializing and utilizing the compliant app. You can classify people in groups like work, friends, or family and set timers for every single group. MyMe also captures the full time spent before a screen and can assist you to cut out distracting and unneeded screen time, not merely helping you focus better but likewise have greater control over your life.


2. Smart Buckle

In this age of smartwatches, are you currently still rocking an analog wristwatch? Whether it is for the sentimental value, luxury, or simply as you haven’t found an ideal smart replacement, Smart Buckle will let you keep your old watch and transform it right into a smart fitness tracker. It could be mounted on any watch strap to analyze your daily activity, step counts, and sleep data, and serve this data to you through the compatible app. The makers of Smart Buckle attest to its corrosion-free stainless steel build in addition to specially designed algorithms for accurate measurements.

3. Snore Circle

Snoring is caused due to restricted airflow in the throat during sleep, and besides being truly a major annoyance, it can be a cause of numerous diseases. So if you want to break the snoring habits you or someone in the family might have, Snore Circle is a great gadget. It uses a mix of audio and bone conduction to sense when you’re snoring and in turn, sends micro signals to the mind to lessen – and eliminate – snoring. Besides helping you quit snoring, the compatible app will monitor the caliber of your sleep. With the most recent iteration, you can wear your accomplishments of giving up snoring as a badge of pride.


4. NANO1 – World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

NANO1 is an ideal invention for passionate stargazers who not merely want to be awestruck by taking a look at the wonders of the sky but also want to capture these making use of their cameras fully. The inventors of NANO1 bill it as the littlest astronomy camera in the world, which can capture 25 times more light compared to the eye and condense an hour-long recording into 3 minutes for a beautiful view of the sky in addition to other phenomena like the Northern Lights. You can connect NANO1 with your smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and view an augmented reality map of constellations to comprehend the sweetness of the sky.


5. SiB – The Simple Internet-Connected Button that is only $5

If you have to condense what SiB does in only some words, the adequate explanation will be, so it simplifies your life. Short for Simple Internet-Connected Button, SiB is a tiny cube with a programmable button that may be associated with a bunch of other smart devices and sensors to execute an unimaginably vast amount of functions. Whether it is to manage your smart doorbell, check the temperature, detect leakage, monitor the fitness of plants, or something as simple as texting your cherished one, SiB has many ways where it can amaze you. You can assign many tasks to the cube based on the number of times you press the button. The hub also includes multi-colored lights to share with you about the potency of the Wi-Fi signal, and the connected smartphones can view a variety of information through SiB.

 6. ATOMIC Pi – A high power alternative to RPi

If you’re excited about tiny computers but want to avoid Raspberry Pi for its low power, ATOMIC Pi can be a great aide. It comes with an Intel Atom CPU clocked at 1.92GHz, features full-sized HDMI, audio, Ethernet, USB 3.0 ports, and a temperature sink – all laid out on a 10cm x 13cm logic board. ATOMIC Pi is inbuilt with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 and costs less than $35. While it comes pre-loaded with Linux, you can boot it up with Windows for a real desktop experience.

7. iMicro – Add an 800x microscope to your phone

imicro microscope image

If you’ve always wanted to have a make-shift lab of sorts in your house, indeed, this is something you ought to check out. iMicro is a small layer of lenses, lower than the average fingertip. Like the majority of third-party zoom lenses for smartphones, you can hook iMicro to your smartphone’s lens and enjoy considering the micrometer world at 100x magnification. In conjunction with the digital zoom on a smartphone, you can increase this multiple times and feed your curiosity by intimately examining virtually anything on the fly.

8. Solar Roadways

solar roadways image

Solar Roadways is strictly what you’re thinking after reading the name. They are solar panels that may be used to pave roads, driveways, sidewalks, or any surface designed for walking. Solar wafers protected under thick layers of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass can be utilized to generate electricity from any surface. These modules come in hexagonal panels helping to make replacement super easy. Additionally, Solar Roadways panels may be programmed electronically to exhibit specific markings on the road. The panels can generate enough heat to melt the snow and thus ensure easy walking or driving over them during winters. All this while saving the Earth and Earth-dwellers from succumbing to the damage brought on by greenhouse gases. 

9. Enomad Uno – Portable Water Power Generator

Hydel power is nature’s blessing to humans and still ranks among the utmost practical resources of renewable energy. Imagine if you will make personal use of hydel force for minor power requirements? With Enomad Uno you can, because it is a portable hydel power generator with a small propeller, which converts the kinetic energy of moving water into micro-electricity. On one other side of the propeller certainly are a little LED light and a USB port that may assist you to charge your smartphone and other electronic devices, especially when you’re off the grid.


10. Dolfi – Next Gen Washing Device

dolfi image

Prepare to forget your woes of spending hours getting adamant stains out of your clothes using soap bars. Because it’s time for ultrasonic solutions to dominate, and Dolfi is an excellent example of how technology can transform just how we wash clothes. Using carefully modulated ultrasonic waves, Dolfi knocks the dirt out of your clothes automatically without even requiring one to dedicate any time to washing. Just keep the dirty laundry in a bucket full of water and detergent, and let Dolfi clean them for you.

11. Bimoz – World’s lightest and smartest e-bike drive

With the growing strain on the environment, more and more individuals are turning far from the motorcade and towards bikes. And with this particular, we’ve seen a growth in how many smart bikes or e-bikes that can come with the assistive drivetrain to help you keep going without getting exhausted. But if you don’t want to stop on your old bike, you can convert it into an e-bike with Bimoz. It comes with a 250W power supply, which adds less than 2kg to your bike’s weight, and the easy installation process allows you to replace any bike pedal with Bimoz. With the compatible app, you can note your GPS location, track routes, connect with friends, and even simulate mountains on flat roads to teach your legs. So, whether it’s for exercise or for getting more power out of your bike, Bimoz is the ultimate solution for converting any bicycle into an e-bike.


12. Eyelights – The First Holographic Car Assistant

The occasions of getting distracted from the street while interacting together with your car’s infotainment system will be over, because of policies like Eyelights. Eyelights is a concept technology that uses a holograph in place of an actual screen to produce information like maps, vital stats linked to the automobile, speed, etc. This allows you to keep an eye on the way while getting together with the system. Further, since there is no physical screen, you can wave your hand in the air to manage the machine rendering it super handy (pun intended). Eyelights is unquestionably designed to enhance and revolutionize precisely how we communicate with our cars and is effective at replacing touch interfaces completely.

13. Padrone Ring – Coolest Mouse Ever

padrone ring image

No matter how sophisticated the trackpads on our laptops get, mice remain irreplaceable because of the great freedom of movement and speed they offer. Padrone Ring is a small and agile finger ring that may be used as a computer mouse. This ring mouse connects to any device over low-energy Bluetooth and supports many different clicking and scrolling gestures. Most importantly, it comes in 12 different sizes and is waterproof, which means you can continue using it anywhere you go without worrying about breaking it or frying the internals.

14. Hoversurf

Sure, we’re near seeing flying cars and other levitating transport models, but Hoversurf is transforming personal transport while keeping it super cool. Hoversurf’s S3 is a quadcopter superbike that may not just take off and land at any concrete surface but additionally hovers above the ground at 60 miles per hour. The human body of the flying bike consists of carbon fiber rendering it super light and agile, giving it a weight of only 250 pounds. The vehicle has already been adopted within the Dubai Police’s fleet of supercars and superbikes, which criminals cannot evade very easily. Riders are recommended to fly the hoverbike at the height of 5 feet, which may also be adjusted according to requirements. While this is an earlier concept we’re seeing, we expect you’ll see an evolution into actually flying bikes in the future.


15. HiMirror Mini

Like many other objects of daily utility, our mirrors are getting smarter, too, and HiMirror is a company pioneering in this field. HiMirror Mini is one of the latest products to be added to their catalog of intelligent mirrors. Besides letting you look at see your face with greater clarity compared to an ordinary mirror, this one can execute a total of 8 various kinds of analyses on your face. This includes trying to find wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, roughness, complexion, etc. by dividing see your face into different areas, and analyzing each differently. Based on this, the smart mirror offers advice to improve your skin by keeping it hydrated or using various kinds of lotions to fight problems like acne. You can even order more cosmetics by simply asking Alexa, which comes inbuilt in this smart mirror.


16. LUMZAG – The Smart Bag Packed With Cool Features

lumzag image

Offering some of the very most outstanding features for any bag, LUMZAG offers you complete security for the valuable belongings, unhindered connectivity, and safety for itself. Besides this, the smart bag will keep your devices charged up thanks to the inbuilt 10,000mAh power bank, which also happens to power a wireless charger for flagship devices. LUMZAG is built with a rear-view camera that you need to use to get a full picture of what’s behind you in real-time using the app, while GPS ensures that you don’t forget the bag or have it stolen. You can tag the essentials from your pocket with smart stickers available with the container to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. The kit also comes with an inbuilt light to let you rummage through the contents, even without the external view. Lastly, the anti-theft feature ensures that you’re informed on your smartphone every time someone tries to open your bag without your permission. Each one of these features provides unmatched safety and flexibility, guaranteeing the utmost utility that any packet can offer.

17. US: E – Camera Equipped Smart Lock with Facial Recognition

With the evolution of our homes, one crucial element that’s also evolved is the entranceway lock. From simple locks, we’ve attended all-inclusive lock deadbolts and levers. Smart locks have now been among probably the most awesome inventions that have revolutionized how we visualize door locking, and another big addition in this category is US: E, a smart lock that provides six different ways of unlocking a door. Besides basic key and passcode access, US: E can be unlocked using fingerprint, a key fob, remotely using a smartphone, or even by scanning the owner’s face with the built-in infrared facial recognition technology that is powered by an AI. The lock is as easy to set up as a typical lock, and you can pair it with a fingerprint-equipped turning handle to incorporate more layers of security.


18. CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

Over the past several years, hoover robots, commonly clubbed in the category of Roomba (one of the brands which popularized the concept), have now been on the rise. But how about places out of Roomba’s reach? For more intimate venues like your bed, you need to use CleanseBot. It is a tiny cleaning robot that disinfects your mattress from unwanted pathogens, especially bacteria such as, for instance, E.coli. The robot cleaner is built-in with 18 AI-backed smart modes to clean any bed automatically and has four UV lights not just to sanitize your bedding but additionally the air. CleanseBot weight significantly less than half of a pound and can be a great companion for the trips, especially when you’re uncertain about the cleanliness in a hotel, and its compact form and great utility make it one of the very most amazing and awesome inventions we’ve witnessed.


19. Cabinet – Smart Sticky Note Printer

Sticky notes are handy, and besides reminding us about essential tasks, they keep our desks colorful and lively. Cabinet makes this an action further by allowing you to print anything on colored sticky notes. The mini printer connects to any device wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can print anything on these colorful notes even without ink. In practice, Cubinote works with a unique kind of heat-sensitive paper and uses heat to write along with this paper, which may be sliced into notes of any length and stuck almost everywhere using the prevailing adhesive on the trunk of the article. Cabinet makes it to your set of cool and awesome inventions for its simplicity and ability to brighten up any workspace.


20. Nybble – World’s Cutest Open Source Robotic Kitten

nybble image

Boston Dynamics’Spot Mini, which looks like a dog, may have left us with the impression that robots for the future will undoubtedly be scary, but Nybble might change this opinion. Nybble is a small and cute cat-shaped robot that sits, walks, stands on its hind limbs, and can learn to perform additional new tricks. Nybble isn’t meant to be a full-fledged robot, but a STEM toy predicated on Raspberry Pi designed to teach kids about how to gather, program, and even hack robots. So whether it’s to view a sweet robot kitten learn tricks or fight out with others of its form, Nybble is undoubtedly one of the cutest and most awesome inventions it’s possible to think of.


21. Naga 3D Headphones

naga solar headset image

Active noise cancellation headphones are very a rage nowadays, but Naga headphones with 3D audio take your experience to the next level. Besides supplying a high-quality spatial audio experience, these headphones will rid you from the trouble of charging them often – and no, it’s not for their 20-hour-long battery life. Besides the 3D analog sound output, why are the Naga headphones a great invention is their ability to charge with solar energy? The headband of this pair of headphones accommodates a flexible solar panel that charges the inbuilt battery in an hour or so of contact with the sun.


22. KEY-X – Smart Keyboard for People with Disabilities

key x image

KEY-X makes it to our set of awesome inventions as it guarantees that physical disabilities can’t bind dreams and aspirations. KEY-X is a unique keyboard designed for specially-abled people and as opposed to using individual keys, has a cluster of letters around each button. The keys are soft to touch and maybe enabled with a gentle nudge, although they’re engineered to bear with rough usage. The keyboard is as right as a standard USB keyboard and does not require any particular installation or software to couple with it. Also, it supports a variety of other accessories such as a smart eye detector or perhaps a single click switch so that those struggling with much more severe ailments like motor neuron disease also can utilize the features of the great invention.


23. PWR 27 – Your Traveling PowerStation

pwr 27 image

Traveling without additional battery backup may make you’re feeling pretty powerless. But to save yourself the trouble, you can depend on PWR 27, a compact-sized power bank with a massive capacity of 27,000mAh. The energy bank is dust, and waterproof may be dropped from a height to 1,000 feet and is effective at bearing with a crushing load of 2 tons, which means that you can take it to any place with you irrespective of the terrain or weather conditions. PWR 27 is effective at charging five devices at once and includes an AC output too. If you can be swept up in the wilderness while PWR 27 loses all its battery, you can charge it with the sun also. All of these astonishing features make PWR 27 a must-have for wanderlusts.


Notable mention: If you’re okay with carrying some excess weight for extra power, you may also take consider the Monster Portable Power Station (visit). The energy station includes a 100,500mAh battery power, which supports high power output, including support for AC in addition to USB-PD, which is as fast as a MacBook’s USB-C charger.

24. Unagi – The Ultimate Electric Scooter

Scooting the right path through the town was not as easy as Unagi makes it. It a compact electric scooter that may be folded and taken everywhere. Being designed with magnesium, the e-scooter is quite lightweight, which complements its foldable design. It uses puncture-proof tires, so you won’t need certainly to be concerned about unnecessary hiccups or breakdowns. The scooter features an LED display on the top to notify you of the battery status, in addition to button controls for brake, horn, and the LED light. The throttle is on the right side of the handlebar, as usual, with bikes. The ABS-like braking control further improves your safety, and many of these features together make Unagi an excellent and ergonomic urban transport and one of the very awesome inventions of today’s times.

25. Rone Mini Heater

rone mini heater image

We leave no stone unturned as it pertains to keeping ourselves warm in winters, but that always involves plugging in or moving heavy heating equipment. Rone is a solution compared to that problem since it comes in an exceedingly compact form factor and can easily find space on your table or desk. With its tiny size, moving Rone around isn’t a tiring job either. Form heater module, which has multiple speed options, Rone includes a pebble-shaped enhancement that may help you warm your hands. Further, Rone is incredibly quiet and would hardly make you’re feeling its presence if you toggle the most significant fan speed. What else do you want from a portable heater?

Notable mention: If you fancy portable heaters, we have another choice for you to look at, and that is the oscillating heater by Airdog (visit). With two-level heating and incredibly low noise, Airdog keeps you warm without crushing you beneath the weight of electricity bills. It works on the fire-proof ABS housing for a safe and cozy experience.

26. Geopress Purifier – Clean Water, Anywhere in the World

geopress purifier image

Obtaining potable water is a major challenge when you’re off-grid, and this is where handheld filters enter into play. You must have heard of LifeStraw, which allows you to drink water directly from any running stream without worrying about any impurities, and Geopress takes it an action further. Geopress Purifier uses zeolites for ion exchange along by having an activated carbon filter to eliminate disease-causing viruses, bacteria, protozoan, heavy metals, and other chemical impurities from nearly every dirty stream of water, rendering it suited to drinking. With Geofilter, you cannot only instantly filter dirty water and prevent diseases like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A but also store 24oz (710ml) for thirst on the go.


27. Hover 2 – The 4K Drone that Flies Itself

hover 2 image

Drones have helped us capture important moments of our lives with greater flexibility than the usual handheld camera or camcorder. Hover 2 is designed to do that and a lot more, without much human intervention. The drone possesses an AI onboard which not just guides it while flying but also helps capture 4K videos from perfect angles. The AI is effective at detecting obstacles and dodging them in real-time, enabling you to give attention to enjoying nature while Hover 2 protects the rest. Moreover, it is available in a lightweight and foldable design, and advanced subject mapping that ensures a cinematic quality while the inbuilt gimbal provides a large number of stability. All of these features ensure that Hover 2 enjoys a comfortable position inside our set of a number of the coolest and most awesome inventions of contemporary times.


 28. NATEDE – A Smart Natural Air Purifier

NATEDE could be the air purifier of the future, which utilizes the goodness of sustainable technology and indoor plants to eliminate suspended particulate matter, microbes, pet dander, etc. from the air without using too much energy. NATEDE is a unique potting solution that utilizes letting ventilation through indoor plants and a reusable photocatalytic filter rather than just filter media to clean indoor air thoroughly. It is compact and seamlessly blends with any furniture or setting; removes 99% of the bacteria and viruses from the air without using too much energy. The compatible app not just informs you about the caliber of the air but also the situation of the soil while its advanced water circulation system ensures that your life-saving plants are never thirsty. This is one of many most relaxed and most convincing and impressive inventions, especially if you live in an urban jungle that frequently includes a thick layer of smog.


29. PANZERBOARD – All Terrain E-Skateboard

panzerboard image

While we have discussed the importance of conserving the environment and how awesome inventions listed above help us achieve that, it’s equally important to have fun, and PANZERBOARD was created precisely for that. PANZERBOARD can be an all-terrain electric skateboard, which will let you ride it aside from the outer lining underneath. The skateboard is sold with two different acceleration modes to supply you with the quantity of traction required per surface. With the compatible remote, you can achieve a premier speed of 31 miles one hour and ride for a lot more than 18 miles per single charge. To complement the powerful motor, you receive four pneumatic tires and shockers to absorb any jerks while riding. PANZERBOARD is a mean machine that will make others envy you as you have the time of one’s life.


30. Levia – Unique Levitating Marble Lamp

levia image

Anything contactless and levitating is instantly pleasing and delightful, so our last entry in the set of superb and excellent inventions is Levia, a levitating lightbulb that works through electromagnetic induction. Levi’s aesthetics aren’t its only charming factor, while the developers have carefully designed the levitating mechanism, ensuring that that you don’t accidentally knock the bulb off. The lamp looks beautiful because its base is comprised of genuine Italian Marquina or Carrara marbles, which can be hand-polished after hydraulic cutting for an appealing appearance. Levi’s beguiling looks and its simplicity is what lets it into our set of awesome inventions.


Awesome Technologies That Will Rule 2019

The evolution in the field of technology is faster than ever, and as we’re entering the conclusion of another great decade filled up with technological innovations, here are a few technologies that are anticipated to rule 2019 and grab most of our attention.

1. 5G

The next generation of mobile communications is about to arrive with major telecom operators already performing trials for 5G networks and the launch of Snapdragon 855 SoC, which could be the first SoC to support the system. As the technology becomes widespread, we will have a host of applications which will largely be determined by the internet. With 5G, we will be able to get into network speeds in the product range of gigabits per second, almost one hundred times faster than the existing 4G network. With 5G, we will be able to send and receive information in the blink of a watch – literally!

With the massive escalation in data speeds, all of the processing might take place at servers. This will mean that you can sign up for gambling service and play hardware intensive titles on your smartphone or perhaps a tablet PC running on 5G even without owning the necessary equipment. Besides the significant jump in speeds on our mobile devices, we are also prone to witness a rise in the communication between machines, letting them make their very own decisions, and also augment ours. From smart vending machines, that’ll recognize you by the face area to dispense your chosen candy even before you create a command, to self-driven vehicles, 5G will open doors to many different possibilities.

2. Li-Fi

Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is another network protocol that can replace conventional Wi-Fi systems. Instead of using radio waves used by Wi-Fi, Li-Fi uses electromagnetic signals which may or may not be visible to humans, such for instance ultraviolet, infrared waves beside just visible light. Using LEDs that are dimmed below human visibility, Li-Fi compatible systems offer faster and more reliable connections than the present generation of Wi-Fi routers. The concept of Li-Fi is not new, but we expect the technology to catch up in the coming years, and French research firm Yole Développement predicts an exponential growth starting in 2021.

3. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is another revolution in the region of computing which could take the world by storm in the coming years. The technology is in a nascent stage as it pertains to consumer utility, but there’s been extensive research in the field with involvement from tech giants such for instance IBM. In Quantum computing, standard bits (elementary units of electronic data) are replaced by quantum bits (or qubits) such that they can take the on-state (1) and off-state (0) simultaneously instead to be in either of the states. This can allow standard computers to make much quicker decisions, and researchers predict that each personal quantum computer is going to be as powerful as a modern supercomputer, and this appears very promising.


30 Cool and Awesome Inventions to Amaze You

We’ve made a diverse list of all of the amazing and cool inventions from 2018, and some slightly older, that may be seen making incredible differences to the ways humans use technology. We’ve tried to be impartial and include products from all major areas of technology.

Do you consider several other awesome inventions might make its way to the list? Let’s know everything you consider it in the comments below.


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